ListMe was closed down. Thank you for your feedback and support.

ListMe is an iPhone and iPod touch app for list / todo sharing with instant realtime sync and changes tracking features.
Share a grocery list with your spouse, share a todo list with your colleague or employee. With ListMe collaboration is easy and fun.

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What is ListMe?

ListMe is an iPhone/iPod Touch app that helps you to work with lists or todos. You can either use it by yourself or work on your lists or todos with other people by creating an account and sharing them.

What iOS version does ListMe support?

ListMe works with any iOS devices running version 3.2 or later.

Can I use ListMe on my iPad?

Yes, but as an iPhone/iPod Touch app. Full iPad support will be added in future releases.

Does it work when offline?

Yes, you can work in ListMe when offline. All the changes you make in your lists will be sent to those with whom you share them as soon as you get online.

Do I need to create an account to use ListMe?

No, you can use ListMe without an account with the exception of sharing features. If you want to share you lists with another person, you both need accounts in ListMe.

How many people can use ListMe from one device?

ListMe can be used by an unlimited number of people on one device as long as each of them log in under their account. Only one person can be logged in ListMe at a certain moment of time.

How many people can share a list in ListMe?

You can share your list with as many people as you like, and you all can make changes to this list, and you will receive updates immediately as long as you are online.

Is there a backup system in ListMe?

As long as you have an account all the list you have created in ListMe are sent to the server and backed up this way. You can log in using your username and your password on any device, and you lists will be there. If you use the app without creating an account, your data is not backed up.

Can any third party get hold of my personal data?

No, all the personal data such as usernames, emails or ListMe contents are private and protected from third parties.