ListMe was closed down. Thank you for your feedback and support.

ListMe is an iPhone and iPod touch app for list / todo sharing with instant realtime sync and changes tracking features.
Share a grocery list with your spouse, share a todo list with your colleague or employee. With ListMe collaboration is easy and fun.

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ListMe is an iOS app for list / todo sharing and collaboration. All updates in your lists show up instantly and you're able to see what was changed and who did it. You can use it to share a grocery list with your spouse, a packing list for a camping trip with your friends or a todo list with your colleague or employee or any other list you want.

You can use ListMe all by yourself, make lists just for you. However, if you want to work on your lists with another ListMe user, you need to create an account and then share your lists with this person. Creating an account also allows you to backup your data, as all of your information will be stored on the server. If you have an account in ListMe, you can access your lists from any iOS device running version 3.2 and higher just by logging in using your username and password.

Main menu

ListMe main menu
ListMe home screen displays all the lists that you have at your disposal: created by you or shared with you. You can also see here what types of lists you have (plain lists or lists with checkboxes, shared lists or not shared), how many items are there in lists (number of checked items and total number of items), number of updates in lists - you will receive all the updates instantly, no need to reload the list. From main menu you can also add a new list or edit the existing ones and access Settings.

List view

ListMe list view

List view allows you to see all the items of this particular list, items' descriptions, checked items, and from list view you can also access bottom bar to perform actions.

This example list "Greek salad" is a list with checkboxes which is not shared. This list consists of seven items. Two items have description, two items are checked.

Changes tracking

ListMe list view
List view allows you to track changes that have been made to a particular list. List "Movie night movies" is a plain list - without checkboxes - which is shared with other ListMe users. This list contains three items, two items are marked: they are of a blue color to signify they are updates. That means that other ListMe users, with whom this list is shared, performed certain actions to this list, and we can see what they did: they added two new items, user "john" added "Alice In Wonderland", and user "emily" added "Monsters".
ListMe list view

This list is a shared list with checkboxes. The total number of items in this list is eight, and six of them are updates. As soon as you read them they become unmarked, just as items "Cheese" and "Popcorn".

If we look at all these six updated items, we can see who was the last person to make changes to this list and what are the changes. "Cat food" and "Pizza" both have a person responsible for them, users "john" and "mia" respectively, but only "Cat food"'s last update was assigning of a responsible - there is a special icon on the right signifying it. To assing a responsible, click on the item and then, in the item view, choose a responsible. Item "Rye Bread" last change was the update of item's name, says the icon on the right. "Pizza"'s last update was a description change which is signified by the "description change" icon on the right. Item "Milk" is crossed as it's deleted. Items "Soda" and "Wine" are checked.

Bottom bar

ListMe bottom bar menu
Each list has a bottom bar with buttons that allow you to perform certain actions. The first on the right is a list setting button: you can edit the name of the list or turn on/off checkboxes. The second one is a sort button. The third one allows you either to mark all the updates as read or to email your list to any person you want. Forth button is sharing list button: type the username of a person with whom you want to share the list and send a request. "Edit" button allows you to delete ans reorder items (in case if sort type is manual).

Sort options

ListMe sort options
Sort button from the list view bottom bar allows you to sort items in any list by title, description, responsible or manually. The way you sort items is visible only for you, not other users, even if you share a list.
ListMe sort options
To sort items manually, choose "Manual" from "List sorting" menu and then "Edit" in the list view. You can then arrange items in any order by clicking on the right icon and dragging the item up or down.


ListMe settings menu

In "Settings", you can create an account if you don't have one or log in using your username and password. "Create account" option allows you to create an account in ListMe to share your lists with other ListMe users. You need to choose a username, input your email and then password. All the lists you have will be instantly uploaded to the server.

You can activate "My items on top" feature so that all the items that feature you as a responsible will appear on the top. Activating "Checked on bottom" feature allows you to see all the checked items always on the bottom unless you sort the list items manually. In "Reconnect delay" menu you can select timeout: 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds.

ListMe settings menu

As soon as you create an account or log in, you will see it in "Settings". There will also be displayed your status - "Connected" or "Disconnected". If you are disconnected, you can press "Connect" button which will be available in this case or wait for the app to connect to the server, it will be done in a jiffy.

You can also check the number of unsent changes here. Unsent changes are those changes that were made to the lists while you were offline as the app allows you to work in offline mode with mo limitations. Unsent changes are queued and will be sent to the server as soon as you get online.